Masatoshi Hidaka

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We give details of our methods in the ImageCLEF 2013 Scalable Concept Image Annotation task. For the textual feature, we propose a method for selecting text closely related to an image from its webpage. In addition, to consider the meaning of the concept, we propose to use WordNet for getting words related to the concept. For visual features, we use Fisher(More)
Improved dense trajectories (iDT) have shown great performance in action recognition, and their combination with the two-stream approach has achieved state-of-the-art performance. It is, however, difficult for iDT to completely remove background trajectories from video with camera shaking. Trajectories in less discriminative regions should be given modest(More)
In this paper, we would like to evaluate online learning algorithms for large-scale visual recognition using state-of-the-art features which are preselected and held fixed. Today, combinations of high-dimensional features and linear classifiers are widely used for large-scale visual recognition. Numerous so-called mid-level features have been developed and(More)
Recently, deep neural network (DNN) is drawing a lot of attention because of its applications. However, it requires a lot of computational resources and tremendous processes in order to setup an execution environment based on hardware acceleration such as GPGPU. Therefore, providing DNN applications to end-users is very hard. To solve this problem, we have(More)
Deep learning is increasingly attracting attention for processing big data. Existing frameworks for deep learning must be set up to specialized computer systems. Gaining sufficient computing resources therefore entails high costs of deployment and maintenance. In this work, we implement a matrix library and deep learning framework that uses JavaScript. It(More)
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