Masatoshi Chiba

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Pure trigeminal motor neuropathy is a very unusual disease that is characterized by trigeminal motor paralysis without trigeminal sensory disturbances and without the involvement of the other cranial nerves. We report a case of pure trigeminal motor neuropathy in a 70-year-old woman. The diagnosis was based on the results of clinical, electromyographic, and(More)
We present a case of bilateral temporomandibular joint (TMJ) internal derangement with closed lock, which was followed over 11 years using serial MRI after successful disk reduction with mandibular manipulation. MRI of the bilateral TMJs before and after mandibular manipulation followed by anterior repositioning splint showed that the disk improved from(More)
Axial movements of impeded and unimpeded rat mandibular incisors were measured following application and removal of intrusive loads of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 mN in a stepwise order at intervals of 1h on erupting teeth. The tooth movements were recorded by a displacement detector under artificial respiration with halothane anaesthesia. The loading and unloading(More)
To investigate the effects of the middle atmosphere on climate, the World Climate Research Programme is supporting the project " Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate " (SPARC). A central theme of SPARC, to examine model simulations of the coupled troposphere–middle atmosphere system, is being performed through the initiative called GRIPS(More)
In vitro tooth movement of rat molars in response to an orthodontic force was recorded using a time-lapse videotape recorder and analysed by a computer system. Rats received daily s.c. injections of beta-aminopropionitrile (BAPN, 300 mg/kg/day) or hydrocortisone (10 mg/kg/day) for a period of 7 days. After drug administration, the animals were killed and(More)
The axial movements of rat incisors were recorded continuously for over 20 h. The rats were anaesthetized with halothane delivered by intratracheal intubation using an artificial respirator. A haemostatic clamp was used to immobilize the jaw and the displacement detector exhibited high resolution, good linearity and low drift. The previously impeded and(More)
The purpose of this experimental study is to seek a possibility if we could apply a short segmental fixation system for the correction of spinal deformity and keeping the moveability of the spine. We used 40 scoliotic rabbits in the experiment which were made after the Piggot's procedure. Apex of the curvature could be observed around T8 or T9. Ten of 40(More)
The distribution of adrenergic nerve fibers in the vessels, nerves, and skeletal muscles of the rat was studied by the glyoxylic acid fluorescence method and by electron microscopy. The changes in catecholamine fluorescence were investigated after decentralization, lumbar sympathectomy, and femoral nerve ligation. Catecholamine fluorescence was mainly(More)
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