Masato Yamaji

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We have been developing wireless communication technologies for industrial applications. In industrial plants, there are many radio obstacles such as metal pipes and walls. Even in the severe environment, wireless communication has to be reliable and time has to be scheduled to maintain plant stability. For easy-to-use management, features of ad-hoc(More)
In this paper, consideration is given to the validity of “statistical science”, which is necessary for innovation of the development designing process, for use in a new issue involving numerical simulation technology (CAE) in development designing. This new application of statistical science is designed to aid the transition from the “prototype /(More)
The Internet of Things(IoT) is a novel paradigm, where things are in the majority position of producers and consumers of traffic. IoT is expected to have a strong impact on our everyday life, i.e., the physical space around us. In the physical space, the notion of time is so universal that the information there is often combined with timestamps. To make(More)
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