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Free fatty acids provide an important energy source as nutrients, and act as signalling molecules in various cellular processes. Several G-protein-coupled receptors have been identified as free-fatty-acid receptors important in physiology as well as in several diseases. GPR120 (also known as O3FAR1) functions as a receptor for unsaturated long-chain free(More)
In situ hybridization (ISH) at the electron microscopic (EM) level is essential for elucidating the intracellular distribution and role of mRNA in protein synthesis. EM-ISH is considered to be an important tool for clarifying the intracellular localization of mRNA and the exact site of pituitary hormone synthesis on the rough endoplasmic reticulum. A(More)
Graphene is a promising material for use in photodetectors for the ultrawide wavelength region: from ultraviolet to terahertz. Nevertheless, only the 2.3% light absorption of monolayer graphene and fast recombination time of photo-excited charge restrict its sensitivity. To enhance the photosensitivity, hybridization of photosensitive material and graphene(More)
In the original manuscript, the word " fluorescein " was erroneously used indistinctly for " fluorescence " and " fluorescent ". Furthermore, " cyan fluorescent protein " was misspelled. These errors have been amended in an amended version of the manuscript, which is available from the Molecules website. The authors and publisher apologize for the(More)
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