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A low-power analog signal processing IC is presented for the low-power heart rhythm analysis. The ASIC features 3 identical, but independent intra-ECG readout channels each equipping an analog QRS feature extractor for low-power consumption and fast diagnosis of the fatal case. A 16-level digitized sine-wave synthesizer together with a synchronous readout(More)
A sub- μW ECG acquisition IC is presented for a single-chamber leadless pacemaker applications. It integrates a low-power, wide dynamic-range ECG readout front end together with an analog QRS-complex extractor. To save ASIC power, a current-multiplexed channel buffer is introduced to drive a 7 b-to-10 b self-synchronized SAR ADC which utilizes 4 fF/unit(More)
This paper presents a prototype of a spherical rolling robot with a new driving mechanism and shows some experimental results to verify the feasibility of the mechanism. The spherical robot has a momentum wheel (gyro) that rotates at a large velocity inside an outer spherical shell. The attitude of an inner mechanism with the gyro is stabilized through the(More)
A 45 nm low-cost LSTP CMOS technology is presented. This technology features advanced ArF lithography using SRAF, low-leak transistors fabricated by optimized SiON and S/D junction design, CoSi2, SRAM cell with acceptable operational margin, and full-NCS/duabdamascene Cu interconnects. It is emphasized that this technology is cost-effective.
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