Masato Mizutani

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Reelin plays critical roles in brain formation by binding to apolipoprotein E receptor 2 (ApoER2) and very low-density lipoprotein receptor. Several isoforms and fragments of Reelin are generated by alternative splicing and proteolytic cleavage. In addition, two splice variants of ApoER2 have been recognized, namely, LA1237 and LA12378, that differ in the(More)
A novel strategy achieved the eradication of lung tumor metastases by joint suppression of angiogenesis in the tumor neovasculature and induction of tumor cell apoptosis. This was accomplished by CTLs induced by a DNA vaccine encoding secretory chemokine CCL21 and the inhibitor of apoptosis protein survivin, overexpressed by both proliferating endothe-lial(More)
A novel vaccination strategy induced specific CD8(+) T cell-mediated immunity that eradicated spontaneous and experimental pulmonary cancer metastases in syngeneic mice and was also effective in a therapeutic setting of established breast cancer metastases. This was achieved by targeting transcription factor Fos-related antigen 1(Fra-1), overexpressed by(More)
A new class of polymerizations was developed via metal-catalyzed C-C bond forming radical polyaddition; the monomers were designed to have a reactive C-Cl bond, which can be activated by the metal catalysts to generate a carbon radical species, along with a C=C double bond, to which the carbon radical generated from another molecule adds to form a C-C(More)
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