Masato Koyama

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A microprocessor-based high-performance vector control system for induction motor drives is discussed. In this system the high-performance current control method is employed, which can operate stably even when the saturation of a supplied voltage occurs. To estimate the rotor flux vector accurately, the powerful identification method of the rotor time(More)
[1] We have developed a real-time system to monitor high-energy cosmic rays for use in space weather forecasting and specification. Neutron monitors and muon detectors are used for our system, making it possible to observe cosmic rays with dual energy range observations. In large solar energetic particle (SEP) events, the ground level enhancement (GLE) can(More)
1. Introduction Hf-based materials are good candidates of high-k gate dielec-trics for low power consumption CMOS-LSIs. However, the asymmetric flatband voltage (Vfb) shift has been widely reported at poly-Si/Hf-based systems [1-5]. This phenomenon results in high Vth of FETs and makes the applicability of these gate insu-lators to commercial LSIs(More)
This paper proposes position and force control of a screw motor with power-saving axial-gap displacement adjustment. The motor has a helical-shape mover, which moves in a helical-shape stator without contact. Due to the fabrication process, the actual helical shapes of the mover and the stator are not completely uniform and the air-gap length between the(More)
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