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Human-Agent Participation in a Business Simulator
This paper proposes a novel approach to business simulator development in marketing domains. We are conducting an educational course, which consists of (i) a simple gaming experiment among humanExpand
A Doubly Structural Network Model and Analysis on the Emergence of Money
This paper presents a new social model on the emergence of money from the barter economy. Expand
Learning agents in a business simulator
Business simulation modeling is a traditional collaborative learning tool to give students an integrated perspective to business management. Expand
Simulation Modeling of Emergence-of-Money Phenomenon by Doubly Structural Network
This paper describes simulation studies in order to examine the validity of our previous predictions of the emergence of money using Doubly Structural Network Model (DSN model). Expand
Exploring Business Gaming Strategies by Learning Agents
In this chapter, we have described the basic idea of our business simulator development methodology from the conventional “human players only environment” to one with a mixture of both human andExpand
On Emergence of Money in Self-organizing Doubly Structural Network Model
We are conducting the research on the emergence of the money from the barter economy. This paper presents a new model, which consists of a micro-macro doubly structural network reflecting individualExpand
Human-agent participation via software agents for business modeling
This paper proposes a novel approach to business simulator development in marketing domains. Expand
Application of agent technology in business game development
ビジネスゲームとは,マーケティングや意思決定,生産・営業 といった企業活動をモデリングし,ゲーミングシミュレーションとし て実行するものである.これにより,さまざまな仮想的ビジネス環 境を実現することが可能なため,プレイヤーはゲームを通して, 現実に近いビジネスプロセスを体験することができる[Knotts 1998][Wolfe 1998].Expand
Analyzing Tow-Away Policy in a Local Community
The illegal parking in a residential area is a serious problem. Recently, they have broadcasted an interesting case at Nishidai housing area in Itabashi-ku Tokyo, Japan. They have a large marketingExpand
Agent based modeling of national economy - centralized mode analysis of virtual economy by GA simulation
In this paper we analyze national economy as a socioeconomic multi-agent system. Expand