Masato Hoshi

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The acrosome reaction in many animals is a coupled reaction involving an exocytotic step and a dramatic change in cell shape. It has been proposed that these morphological changes are regulated by intracellular ions such as Ca2+ and H+. We report here simultaneous visualization, under a multiview microscope, of intracellular free Ca2+ concentration(More)
Responsive membranes alter their properties when specific stimuli are present in their environment. These stimuli could include temperature, 1-4 pH, 5-8 ions, 9,10 ultrasound, 11 and electric potential. 12 Responsive membranes have important applications in many areas such as controlled drug delivery , 11,13 ion selection, 5-7 molecular separation, 14-16(More)
We investigated the actual factor determining the softening effect of a fabric softener. The adsorption area of the softener on model cotton cloths and yarns was identified using bromophenol blue. There was almost no softener at the cross-points of the yarns in the cloth samples or in the inner part of the yarns. The softening performance was better when(More)
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