Masateru Shinozaki

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Among wild plants ofHydrangea serrata (Hydrangeaceae) in Japan, there are sweet plants whose leave contain a kind of isocoumarin, phyllodulcin, which happens to be 350 times as sweet as sucrose to the human tongue. In a primary beech forest in Ashu, Kyoto, the spatial distribution of sweet plants and temporal and the spatial distribution of phyllodulcin(More)
Dwarfing and sensitivity to the duration of a single inductive dark period for flowering ofPharbitis nil in F2 progeny of a cross between the tall strain Tendan, and the dwarf, Kidachi appear to be controlled by the alleles at two independent loci. Progeny of a similar cross between the tall strain Violet and the dwarf Kidachi at F2 and F3 also showed(More)
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