Masatake Murase

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The levels of certain essential amino acids, in particular cysteine, lysine and methionine, in the seed storage protein of a commercial spring variety of rape, Brassica napus, have been increased by the introduction of an antisense gene for cruciferin, which is the most abundant storage protein in rapeseed. The antisense construct contained part of the cruA(More)
G2/M phase-specific gene transcription in tobacco cells is mediated by R1R2R3-Myb transcriptional activators, NtmybA1 and NtmybA2, which bind to mitosis-specific activator (MSA) elements. We show here that two structurally related genes, MYB3R1 and MYB3R4, which encode homologs of NtmybA1 and NtmybA2, play a partially redundant role in positively regulating(More)
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