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Robust manipulation of a geometric model, that is free from computational errors, is one of the difficult proh-Iems in geometric modeling, and its algorithm is not established especially for the boundary representation. This paper proposes a new face-based data structure and a robust algorithm for processing polyhedra represented in the data structure. The(More)
This paper introduces topological constraints to robustly and comprehensively process interference calculation in solid modeling and feature modeling, and describes a method of symbolic notation of their expressions and algorithms to handle them. The interference calculation should be processed consistently against the contradictions in numerical values and(More)
In this paper, we propose a method which modifies free-form surfaces to pass through not only specified points but also specified curves with the assistance of haptic navigation. Using the method, designers of aesthetic shapes such as a car body can manipulate the model of the shape in real-time looking at its stereoscopic image and feeling its haptic(More)