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The risk factors for developing of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in nontuberculous mycobacteria patients and clinical characteristics and outcomes in chronic pulmonary aspergillosis patients
Patients with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA) have a poor prognosis and CPA occurs in patients with various underlying diseases. Recently, the number of patients with CPA complicated byExpand
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Role of Endogenous Ingredients in Meibum and Film Structures on Stability of the Tear Film Lipid Layer against Lateral Compression.
The property and structure of spread films of meibum extruded from rabbit eyelids and its fractions were investigated using the Langmuir film balance technique and Brewster angle microscopy in orderExpand
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Control of molecular orientation with combined near-single-cycle THz and optimally designed non-resonant laser pulses: Carrier-envelope phase effects
Abstract Molecular orientation with combinations of near-single-cycle THz and non-resonant laser pulses is studied by means of optimal control simulation with CO molecules at 5 K. We optimizeExpand
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The Underground Fauna of Agyrtidae and the Subfamily Cholevinae of Leiodidae (Coleoptera) in Eastern Shikoku, Southwest Japan, with a Summary of the Habitat Diversity of Some Japanese Cholevines
Agyrtid and cholevine leiodid beetles collected using baited deep-soil traps in eastern Shikoku, Southwest Japan, are recorded. The structure of the traps and the operation in the field areExpand
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Application of optimal control simulation to selective photodissociation of IBr by non-resonant dynamic Stark effects.
We apply nonlinear optimal control simulation to design a non-resonant control pulse that maximizes the probability of specified photodissociation of IBr by utilizing the non-resonant dynamic StarkExpand
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Isotope-selective molecular alignment induced by optimal laser pulses
ABSTRACT Fluence-specified optimal control simulation is applied to C16O/C18O and 14N2/15N2 mixtures to numerically design laser pulses that best achieve isotope-selective alignment. The degree ofExpand
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Three-dimensional alignment of asymmetric-top molecules induced by polarization-shaped optimal laser pulses
Optimal control simulation is applied to numerically design nonresonant laser pulses that maximize the degrees of three-dimensional (3D) alignment of $\mathrm{S}{\mathrm{O}}_{2}$ using theExpand
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