Masataka Shoji

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We investigated whether neuronal cell loss occurred as a part of normal aging of the retina in the Senescence-Accelerated Mouse, strains SAMP1 and SAMR1, and in the BALB/c mouse. All three strains showed age-related atrophy of the retina after histologically normal development. Morphometrical study revealed the following facts. The rate of loss of(More)
We report a set of strategies to develop novel ligands (Structure Based and Experimental Selection of Fragments: SbE-SF). First, a docking simulation utilizing DOCK3.5 is performed in order to screen the fragment database, which was generated with the in-house program FRAGMENT++ specifically for docking simulation purposes. Although the affinity of these(More)
Cilnidipine is a 1,4-dihydropyridine-derived voltage-dependent calcium channel (VDCC) blocker and suppresses N-type VDCC currents in addition to L-type VDCC currents. An earlier investigation has suggested that intrathecally injected cilnidipine produces antinociception by blocking N-type VDCCs in mice. The present study using the rat formalin model(More)
Cilnidipine is a 1,4-dihydropyridine derived L/N-type calcium channel dual blocker possessing neuroprotective and analgesic effects which are related to its N-type calcium channel inhibitory activity. In order to find specific N-type calcium channel blockers with the least effects on cardiovascular system, we performed structure-activity relationship study(More)
We investigated whether amyloid deposition can affect retinal atrophy in old SAMR1, SAMP1 and BALB/c mice. Immunohistochemistry revealed that old SAMP1 mice showed the deposition of the murine senile amyloid protein fibril, AApoA-II in the subconjunctival tissue, the vessel walls near the chamber angle, and the sheaths of the external ocular muscles and the(More)
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