Masataka Shiozaki

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This paper presents an inductive-loaded standing-wave clock oscillator. By coupling the oscillators into mesh structure, multi-ten GHz uniform-phase/amplitude global clocks can be distributed over a whole chip. In the mesh structure, finer grid can be employed than the conventional standing-wave technique, and it makes the depth of clock tree very shallow.(More)
InTRODUcTIOn: Covering a large defect with minimal donor site morbidity is a challenging task in reconstructive surgery. Recent advances in perforator flaps provides further alternatives. The research for angiosome or perforasome distinguishes the maximum size of each flap. The maximum size with direct donor site closure is determined by its position and(More)
Intelligent robot control systems based on multiprocessors, sensors and actuators, require a flexible network for communicating various types of data (e.g. sensor data, interrupt signals). Furthermore, serial data transfer implemented with a few wire lines is also required. For solving the problems, a CDMA serial communication interface utilizing a new(More)
1 Sir: F its usefulness, cheapness, and scarless healing, drainage with a venous infusion catheter1,2 is used worldwide with some modifications. In our institute, this kind of drain is routinely used during implant-based breast reconstruction on patients with low risk of hematomas. Our method of preparation is very simple: peeling off one side of the outer(More)
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