Masataka Sakuma

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 Two methods were developed for the quantitative sampling of rotifers and cladocerans attached to aquatic macrophytes while separating them from plankton. We named them the “covering method” and the “picking-up method.” We consider the covering method to be better for estimating the abundance of animals on plants, but it requires hard work on a boat. In(More)
We investigated seasonal changes in the density of epiphytic cladocerans Alona spp. (Chydoridae, Anomopoda) in two habitats, emergent and submerged aquatic plants, in Lake Suwa, Japan, from April to August 1998 and from April to November 2000. Alona had a density peak in early June on reeds (emergent) and in late June on Potamogeton malaianus (submerged).(More)
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