Masataka Naitoh

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to estimate changes in the radiometric response of both sensors. While the 2009 campaign (VCC 2009) indicated significant initial degradation in the sensors compared to the prelaunch values, the results presented here show that the stability of the sensors has improved with time. The largest changes were seen in the 0.76 μm oxygen A-band for TANSO-FTS and(More)
Based on ab initio total energy calculation, we show that a dynamic ad-dimer twisting assisted (DATA) process plays a crucial role in facilitating a novel structural reconstruction involving surface and subsurface atoms on Si(001). It leads to self-assembly of long nanowires of group-V elements (Bi, Sb) in the trenches of surface dimer vacancy lines (DVLs)(More)
The compact infrared camera (CIRC) is an uncooled infrared array detector (microbolometer) with the primary goal of detecting wildfires, which are major and chronic disasters affecting numerous countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Eliminating the cooling system reduces the size, cost, and electrical power of the sensor. Two CIRCs have been developed, which(More)
  • M Naitoh
  • 1990
Radiography is a fundamental method of examination in clinical dentistry. Rotational panoramic radiography provides comprehensive information on the maxilla and mandible, and is thus a very valuable procedure for dental practitioners. It is impossible for the image layer to be altered to perfectly suit each individual patient, so the closest corresponding(More)
We tested the optical performance at cryogenic temperatures of an 800 mm diameter lightweight mirror, consisting of carbon-fiber reinforced silicon carbide and with a mass of 11.2 kg. The ceramic composite of the mirror was HB-Cesic, developed by ECM, Germany, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan. The test was carried out while the mirror was mounted,(More)
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