Masataka Midori

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The Van Veen Loop, Large Loop Antenna (LLA), or Loop Antenna System (LAS), provides rapid determination of the net magnetic dipole moment of compact devices, especially in the frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz, with minimal post processing of measured data. The symmetric shielded loop structure inherently rejects electric field excitation to a large extent(More)
Magnetic Field Wireless Power Transfer (MF-WPT) is appropriate for high-power applications such as the charging of electric vehicle batteries. Most systems operate essentially as resonant converters with the couplers (primary and secondary windings) and matching networks absorbed into the tank circuit of a resonant converter topology. As in a well-designed(More)
In this paper, we have fundamentally studied the estimation of 10 m test-range electric field strength height pattern by means of measuring the tangential electromagnetic fields on the cubic surface surrounding Bi-conical and Log-periodic antennas placed above the ground plane by using the differential electric and magnetic probe. The analysis frequency(More)
The Van Veen loop is intrinsically well adapted to time-domain measurements of net magnetic dipole moment. That is, the system comes very close to preserving the shape of the time-domain waveform of the net or residual magnetic dipole moment produced by the DUT. This property makes the Van Veen Loop very useful in the characterization of magnetic field(More)
The calculation of the site free space voltage standing wave ratio (S<inf>VSWR</inf>) is important in designing the measurement facilities used above 1 GHz. In this study, the relations between the area of the absorbers on the ground plane and the S<inf>VSWR</inf> were analysed using the FDTD method. The space, including the transmitting antenna, the(More)
Practical implementations of the Van Veen Loop, or Large Loop Antenna (LLA), necessarily contain imperfections, especially those due to finite mechanical tolerances. We examine the effects on performance of non-commensurate constituent transmission lines and unequal terminating resistors in the internal network of an LLA. It is shown that the electric field(More)
The laboratory diagnosis of true puberty (Tpp) relies on LH response to GnRh administration (ΔLH ≥ 15mIU/ml in our laboratory) and nocturnal LH secretion. Nevertheless, some patients with TPP may have prepubertal ΔLH on the GnRH test, We compared the 24 h, LH and FSH secretion with the GnRH test in 4 girls with TPP (cases 1-4), 1 girl with previous ovarian(More)
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