Masataka Matsui

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An 80,000 transistor, low swing, 32~x~32-bit multiplier was fabricated in a standard 0.35&#956;m,<italic>V</italic><subscrpt>th</subscrpt>=0.5 V CMOS process and in a 0.35&#956;m, back-bias tunable, near-zero <italic>V</italic><subscrpt>th</subscrpt> process. While standard CMOS at<italic>V</italic><subscrpt>dd</subscrpt>=3.3 V runs at 136 MHz, the same(More)
Interconnect delay is dominant in today’s high speed VLSI circuits and there have been various works to resolve it [1],[2],[3]. A repeater insertion tool “RePertory” has been newly developed to solve the interconnect timing problem on a 300MHz 128-bit 2-way Superscalar Microprocessor. Because of its practical simple algorithm, the location of over 5700(More)
An extension interface for a configurable processor enabling implementation of an application specific programmable DSP is described. A DSP engine for mobile applications with 32-bit dual MAC architecture based on the extension was designed. The engine can also run separately as stand-alone processor decoupled with the configurable CPU core. A test chip was(More)
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