Masataka Konishi

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In the course of our search for antitumor compounds in dinoflagellates, the culture broths of two strains of Protoceratium cf. reticulatum showed extremely potent cytotoxicity against human tumor cell lines. The four equally active principles, named protoceratins I (1), II (2), III (3), and IV (4), were purified and their structures were studied. The major(More)
We investigated the role of the WW domain-containing oxidoreductase (wwox) gene in the embryonic development of zebrafish, with particular emphasis on intracellular Ca(2+) dynamics because Ca(2+) is an important intracellular messenger. Comparisons between zebrafish wwox and human WWOX sequences identified highly conserved domain structures. wwox was(More)
Finding the nearest subspace is a fundamental problem and influential to many applications. In particular, a scalable solution that is fast and accurate for a large problem has a great impact. The existing methods for the problem are, however, useless in a large-scale problem with a large number of subspaces and high dimensionality of the feature space. A(More)
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