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Irisin is mainly released from skeletal muscle (myocytes) and promotes thermogenesis by browning of the white adipose tissue. Although exercise has been shown to increase irisin concentration in blood and myocytes via up-regulation peroxisome proliferator receptor γ coactivator-1α (PGC-1α) expression, the influence of exercise intensity on irisin secretion(More)
Upon intensive, exhaustive exercise, exercise-induced reactive oxygen species may exceed the antioxidant defence threshold, consequently resulting in muscular damage or late-onset chronic inflammation. Recently, the therapeutic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of molecular hydrogen (H2) for human rheumatoid arthritis have been demonstrated.(More)
NEW FINDINGS What is the central question of this study? Acute hypoxia reduces dynamic cerebral autoregulation (dCA); however, it is unclear what level of hypoxia is necessary to exert this effect. We sought to investigate whether dCA would be reduced during progressive periods of normobaric hypoxia using a duplex Doppler ultrasound technique to evaluate(More)
The oxidant and antioxidant equilibrium is known to play an important role in equine medicine and equine exercise physiology. There are abundant findings in this field; however, not many studies have been conducted for reference ranges of oxidative stress biomarkers in horses. This study was conducted to determine the reference values of reactive oxygen(More)
We investigated the relation between blood pressure and cerebral oxygenation (COX) immediately after exercise in ten healthy males. Subjects completed an exercise and recovery protocol while breathing either 21% (normoxia) or 14.1% (hypoxia) O2 in a randomized order. Each exercise session included four sets of cycling (30 min/set, 15 min rest) at 50% of(More)
Whether dietary nitrate supplementation improves exercise performance or not is still controversial. While redistribution of sufficient oxygen from inactive to active muscles is essential for optimal exercise performance, no study investigated the effects of nitrate supplementation on muscle oxygenation profiles between active and inactive muscles. Nine(More)