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The roles of autoimmune regulator (Aire) in the expression of the diverse arrays of tissue-restricted antigen (TRA) genes from thymic epithelial cells in the medulla (medullary thymic epithelial cells [mTECs]) and in organization of the thymic microenvironment are enigmatic. We approached this issue by creating a mouse strain in which the coding sequence of(More)
The roles of autoimmune regulator (Aire)-expressing medullary thymic epithelial cells (mTECs) in the organization of the thymic microenvironment for establishing self-tolerance are enigmatic. We sought to monitor the production and maintenance of Aire-expressing mTECs by a fate-mapping strategy in which bacterial artificial chromosome transgenic (Tg) mice(More)
— The performance of handoff initiation algorithm is one of the key issues for providing roaming capability in wireless LAN (WLAN). In this paper, we propose a new handoff initiation algorithm for data transmitting in WLAN. Our proposal combines association time, system load and signal/noise ratio (SNR) together to decide whether mobile node should handoff(More)
Conformational conversion of normal cellular prion protein PrP(C) into pathogenic PrP(Sc) is central to the pathogenesis of prion diseases. However, the pathogenic mechanism remains unknown. Here we show that post-Golgi vesicular trafficking is significantly delayed in prion-infected N2a cells. Accordingly, cell surface expression of membrane proteins(More)
Limited attention has been paid to the relationship between urinary symptoms or urodynamic findings and motor disorders in Parkinson's disease (PD). We aimed to correlate pressure-flow urodynamic parameters with video-gait analysis parameters in PD. We recruited 41 patients with PD (25 men and 16 women; age, 70.6 ± 8.5 years; H & Y motor grading: 2 [range,(More)
AIMS Studies of overactive bladder (OAB) have shown urothelial/suburothelial changes and increased bladder afferents, while in the brain the frontal micturition area that normally suppresses the bladder is deactivated. It has been unclear whether anticholinergic medication could reverse this suppression. To address this question, we performed a real-time(More)
Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) is a brain-specific membrane-bound protein kinase that is activated by binding to the p35 or p39 activator. Previous studies have focused on p35-Cdk5, and little is known regarding p39-Cdk5. The lack of functional understanding of p39-Cdk5 is due, in part, to the labile property of p39-Cdk5, which dissociates and loses(More)
AIMS We performed receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis to determine the ability of sphincter electromyography (EMG) to distinguish multiple system atrophy (MSA) from other parkinsonisms. The following was determined: (1) the appropriate motor unit potential (MUP) parameter among duration, phase, and amplitude; (2) the desirable parameter of our(More)