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Retinoylation (acylation of proteins by retinoic acid) is considered as one mechanism of retinoic acid (RA) action occurring in cells in vitro and in vivo. Previously, our studies showed that in rat tissues the formation of retinoyl-CoA from RA, the first step of retinoylation, required ATP, CoA and MgCl(2). In the current study, we examined whether the(More)
We previously reported emergence and disappearance of circadian molecular oscillations during differentiation of mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells and reprogramming of differentiated cells, respectively. Here we present a robust and stringent in vitro circadian clock formation assay that recapitulates in vivo circadian phenotypes. This assay system first(More)
Evoked potentials to taste stimulations were discussed. New our technique of objective measurement of gustatory function by an evoked potential technique will be introduced. As a result, introduction of taste solution on the tongue innervated by facial nerve in normal subjects resulted in positive responses. Absence of taste solution did not resulted in the(More)
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