Masashi Une

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This paper presents results of a voluntary contribution mechanism experiment with partial communication. We found that the trend of mean investments depended on whether a communication network was connected or not and on how fast all subjects could share information. When each subject could communicate with two other subjects and the network was connected,(More)
This paper will propose a wolf attack probability (W AP) as a new measure for evaluating security of biometric authentication systems. The wolf attack is an attempt to impersonate a victim by feeding " wolves " into the system to be attacked. The " wolf " means an input value which can be falsely accepted as a match with multiple templates. W AP is defined(More)
Time stamping is a technique used to prove the existence of certain digital data prior to a specific point in time. With the recent development of electronic commerce, time stamping is now widely recognized as an important technique used to ensure the integrity of digital data for a long time period. Various time stamping schemes and services have been(More)
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