Masashi Tohyama

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AIMS To investigate the correlation between in vitro permeation of 11 beta-lactam antibiotics across rat jejunum and their oral bioavailability in humans. METHODS The absorptive and secretory permeation across rat jejunum was evaluated and apparent permeability coefficients (P(app)) were determined. RESULTS A steep, sigmoid-type curve was obtained for(More)
The spinal cord potentials (SCPs) were recorded from the dorsal root entry zone (DREZ) and posterior epidural space in patients before and after dorsal root entry zone lesion (DREZL) during general anaesthesia. The SCPs from the DREZ activated by segmental, ascending and descending volleys were basically the same in fundamental waveform as those recorded(More)
A case of medulloblastoma with extracranial metastases was reported. A 20-year-old woman was operated on for cerebellar medulloblastoma twice during the past 5 years and a half. Two years after the second operation, she revealed the metastases to the cervical, axillar and inguinal lymphnodes, and to the skeletal system, such as the skull, scapula, humerus,(More)
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