Masashi Toda

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Now we are developing a wearable recording system which can capture images from user’s view point in user’s everyday life automatically. The user refers to the images which is acquired using this system later, and these images support a user’s activity, such as human memory and human thoughts. Amount images which are acquired becomes so huge that it is(More)
OBJECTIVE To solve the complicated wires and battery maintenance problems in the application of wearable computing for biomedical monitoring, the electromyography (EMG) measurement system using conductive fabric for power supply and electric shield for noise reduction is proposed. MATERIAL AND METHODS The basic cable-free network system using conductive(More)
The finger movement has the information about force, speed to bend and the combination of fingers. If these information is estimated, the many degrees of freedom interface can apply it. In this study, we aimed for the many degrees of freedom finger movement classification. We tried each fingers classification and the estimate of the flexural finger force(More)
In this paper, the authors present a compact buoy system used to observe seawater temperatures for scallop cultivation. The system is based on the sensor network technology, namely Micro Cube, which makes it possible to collect seawater temperatures from thermometers via the Internet. Thermometers adopted with a multi-drop interface for measuring the(More)
This report proposes a new mode for oceanic observations that can be conducted to "one buoy per fisherman". In response to requests from the scallop cultivation fishermen, a new personal buoy based on sensor network technologies has been developed at a price of approximately US$ 1,000 each for seawater temperature observations. The network currently being(More)
We propose a method of extracting scallop areas from sand seabed images to assess fish resources, and developed an automatic system that measures their quantities, sizes, and states for fisheries management. In the gravel field, we can see scallops feature, such as color, fluted patterns and shaped like fans. But, it is difficult for the scallop is coverd(More)
The recent growth of search technology has enabled people to find information more easily. However, most people need to refind information on a daily basis. Finding and refinding are different activities and require different types of support. However, current refinding support systems don't consider this point. This has caused several problems: PVR, loss(More)
A flock, school, and swarm are collective behaviors that can be compared to a human consciousness or body. Through recent developments in image analysis and model simulation, it has been found that the collective behavior of animals can, as a whole, show characteristics of a single “body”. It has also been found that intrinsic noise can positively(More)