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We report results of 14 N-NMR experiments on NH4CuCl3 at the magnetic field of 7 T, where the 1/4-magnetization plateau is observed at low temperatures. The quadrupole splitting parameter νz splits below 70 K, indicating a structural phase transition. At 4.2 K, eight N sites with distinct values of both νz and the magnetic hyperfine shift Kz are resolved in(More)
This paper describes an attempt to extract multiple peripheral features of a point x(t i ,f j) on a time-spectrum (TS) pattern by observing n ×n neighborhoods of the point, and to incorporate these peripheral features (MPFPs: multiple peripheral feature planes) into the feature extractor of a speech recognition system together with MFCC parameters. Two(More)
We have synthesized a new spinel oxide LiRh2O4 with a mixed-valent configuration of Rh3+ and Rh4+. At room temperature, it is a paramagnetic metal, but on cooling, a metal-insulator transition occurs and a valence bond solid state is formed below 170 K. We argue that the formation of valence bond solid is promoted by a band Jahn-Teller transition at 230 K(More)
The effects of pressure on a quantum spin liquid are investigated in an organic Mott insulator κ-(ET)_{2}Ag_{2}(CN)_{3} with a spin-1/2 triangular lattice. The application of negative chemical pressure to κ-(ET)_{2}Cu_{2}(CN)_{3}, which is a well-known sister Mott insulator, allows for extensive tuning of antiferromagnetic exchange coupling, with(More)
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