Masashi Shinagawa

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This paper presents a 60-GHz direct-conversion RF front-end and baseband transceiver including analog and digital circuitry for PHY functions. The 65-nm CMOS front-end consumes 319 and 223 mW in transmitting and receiving mode, respectively. It is capable of more than 7-Gb/s 16QAM wireless communication for every channel of the 60-GHz standards, which can(More)
We report the development of the prototype of a high-speed wireless file-transfer system using a 60-GHz band. The prototype achieved an effective user-data rate over 3 Gb/s using a quadrature-phase-shift keying modulation, including overheads of a physical layer and a retransmission control between two memory devices, by using a new 40-nm CMOS baseband LSI(More)
We have fabricated a microreactor incorporating vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes supporting Pt nanoparticles and found that the presence of aligned nanotubes significantly enhances the catalytic reaction and extends the catalyst lifetime as compared with conventional microreactors using a Pt metal film or Pt nanoparticles directly deposited on the(More)
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