Masashi Saraki

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A large-scale sentence pattern dictionary (SP-dictionary) for Japanese compound and complex sentences has been developed. The dictionary has been compiled based on the non-compositional language model. Sentences with 2 or 3 predicates are extracted from a Japanese-to-English parallel corpus of 1 million sentences, and the compositional constituents(More)
We illustrate the effectiveness of medium-sized carefully tagged bilingual core corpus, that is, “semantic typology patterns” in our term together with some examples to give concrete evidence of its usefulness. The most important characteristic of these semantic typology patterns is the bridging mechanism between two languages which is based on sequences(More)
has been compiled on Semantically Classified Sentence Pattern Dictionary Semantic Typology Analogical Mapping the basis of in order to develop an for MT. This dictionary includes 221,563 which Method Semantic Patterns have been generated from Japanese compound and complex sentences. The patterns have been made up in the semi-automatic manner using a set of(More)
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