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We report on the magnetotransport measurement on a single-layer graphene in pulsed magnetic fields up to B = 53 T. With either electron-or hole-type charge carriers, the Hall resistance R H is quantized into R H = (h/e 2)ν −1 with ν = ±2, ±6, and ±10, which demonstrates the observation of a half-integer quantum Hall effect (QHE). At B = 50 T, the(More)
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is considered one of the most aggressive cancers with poor prognosis. The high molecular weight cytokeratin 34βE12 (CK34βE12) is recognized by the antibody, that is expressed in the cytoplasm of epithelial basal cells, and has been considered as a potential marker for prostate cancer, breast cancer, and basaloid(More)
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