Masashi Okushima

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A dual-feedback topology to extend bandwidth of resistive feedback LNAs is proposed in this paper. Active source follower shunt-shunt feedback using a shunt peaking inductor to extend the 3-dB and input matching bandwidth is employed, combined with series-shunt feedback for extended impedance matching using a source inductor. A prototype in 90nm digital(More)
In recent years, there have been requirments for a transport environment that will foster comfortable and safe town development. Studies on urban activities in aging societies with falling birthrates and effective use of public transport modes in addressing environmental problems have become particularly important issues. Public transport is of great(More)
Multi-agent simulation approach is suitable to describe the heterogeneity on social interaction. The diffusion rate of clean energy vehicle such as EV or PHV is estimated with the proposed MAS system. The simulator consists of three interactive calculation processes such as the vehicle choice process, the emission process and the possession process. The(More)
Consciousness for the environmental problem of individual trip maker is important for eco-commuting promotion. Eco-consciousness would be changed by influence of other people. Therefore, the multi-agent transport simulation model with social network in small world is developed to describe the interaction of eco-consciousness for modal shift in the study.(More)
Clean energy vehicles such as EV or PHV should be promoted for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the transportation section. However, it is pointed out that the social interaction affects the promotion of CEV. Therefore, the multi-agent simulation system for promotion planning of CEV is developed considering with not only concern for environment(More)
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