Masashi Ohnawa

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There are typical structures observed in two or three dimensional viscous incompressible flows described by the Navier-Stokes equations. These structures are often expressed in terms of vorticity fields, i.e., the curl of velocity fields of the fluid. In this lecture we discuss some of these coherent structures and present recent mathematical results on the(More)
L∞-STABILITY OF CONTINUOUS SHOCK WAVES IN A RADIATING GAS MODEL∗ MASASHI OHNAWA† Abstract. In the present article, we study the asymptotic stability in L∞-topology of shock waves in a model system of radiating gases. It is known that the system admits discontinuous shock waves if the shock strength is strictly above a threshold value of √ 2, while if it is(More)
Since the 80’s, Fourier analysis methods have known a growing interest in the study of linear and nonlinear PDE’s. In particular, techniques based on Littlewood-Paley decomposition and paradifferential calculus have proved to be very efficient for solving such equations in the whole space or the torus. In this course, we aim at giving a survey of how those(More)
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