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Effect of bubbles on turbulent kinetic energy transport in downward flow measured by time-resolved PTV
A time-resolved particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) system and a shape projection imaging system were used to investigate the turbulence modifications by bubbles in a downward bubbly flow. Two bubbleExpand
Spinnability simulation of viscoelastic fluid
One of the most challenging issues of computer graphics is to represent the behavior of fluid. Expand
A Fast Collision Detection Method Using Modified Depth Peeling
We propose a fast collision detection method that uses graphics hardware and includes self-collision and self-Collision and deformable objects as its targets. Expand
Construction of 3D volumetric shape model from 2D US images
The current medical and engineering technologies help us in various fields of surgeries such as surgical simulations, preoperative plannings, intraoperative supports, and diagnostic explanations. InExpand
Particle Based Visualization of Stress Distribution Caused by the Aortic Valve Deformation
We have performed the 3D simulation of the aorta with a particle method, which visualizes the blood stream and the stress distribution on the Aortic valve for the surgeries. Expand
A Bloodstream Simulation Based on Particle Method
In this paper, we describe how to simulate bloodstream by using MPS (Moving Particle Semi-implicit) method that is one of particle ones. Expand
Simulation of the Aortic Valve Deformation by Considering Blood Flow Reflection
We have tried to simulate the aortic valve deformation by considering the reflection of blood flow and found that blood flows differently depending on the length of the valve. Expand
Real-time Blood Vessel Deformation with Bleeding Based on Particle Method
This paper describes the method how to deform a blood vessel very fast and stably, and to simulate bleeding at the same time. Expand
Rupture simulation of a bubble with MPS
We propose a method to simulate the rupturing behavior of a bubble with MPS (Moving Particle Semi-implicit), which is another particle method that can treat incompressible fluid. Expand
Prototype System for Ikebana Exercise with Haptic Device
We describe a prototype system for training the user in the art of ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arrangement. Expand