Masashi Kurita

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The electronic structure of low-density n-type SrTiO3 δ-doped heterostructures is investigated by angular dependent Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations. In addition to a controllable crossover from a three- to two-dimensional Fermi surface, clear beating patterns for decreasing dopant layer thicknesses are found. These indicate the lifting of the degeneracy of(More)
To prevent fraud by use of replicas of human fingers for identity verification, we propose to check variations in color and in a series of previously acquired fingerprint images. Movement of a finger on a human hand induces blood movement, and light scattered inside the finger carries this life-related information. In experiments, we found characteristic(More)
Unattended fingerprint identification systems need to reject input attempts by a replica. Previously, we proposed detecting the color changes of a finger during an input action as a signature of liveliness. To improve its reliability, a dual-LED imaging system is investigated. It employs two LEDs with peak emissions at 530 and 630 nm to cover the spectral(More)
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