Masashi Komatsu

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OBJECTIVES To assess and to compare the effects of Gluma® Desensitizer (GDL) with an experimental glutaraldehyde and HEMA containing fumed silica dispersion (GDG) on dentin permeability using a chemiluminous tracer penetration test. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty disc-shaped dentin specimens were dissected from extracted human third molars. The dentin(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the wear of four nanofilled resin composites using simulated toothbrushing for 50,000 cycles with calcium carbonate slurry. The depth of abrasion and roughness (Ra) were measured after each 10,000 brushing cycle. The surface texture of the worn samples was examined by SEM.The wear depths of the nanofill Filtek(More)
OBJECTIVES Aim of this study was to investigate the depth reproduction of differently wide sulci with elastomeric impression materials by single- and double-mix techniques using a tooth and sulcus model, simulating clinical conditions. METHODS Impressions with one vinyl polysiloxane (VPS; FLE), two polyethers (PE; IMP and P2), and one hybrid VPS/PE(More)
reveal biotin labelling at the injection sites. Rhodamine-labelled cells in the retina were visualized in vitro with a green filter block (excitation filter 545 nm, barrier filter 590 nm). The fluorescent label, initially confined to small bright spots in the soma and proximal dendrites, diffused throughout the entire dendritic tree after brief light(More)
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