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Power distribution networks are designed for electrical power supply. In Power Line Communication (PLC) system, reflections caused by impedance mismatches deteriorate transmission characteristics in the high frequency. Estimation of Channel characteristics of power lines for PLC makes more efficient for design and operation of PLC networks. The authors(More)
In this paper a survey of power line communications has been presented. As power line distribution networks are available in almost each building that is mainly used for the supply of electrical power, it will be very interesting if such media could be used for the transmission of data. The demand of low cost telecommunication, broadband and access to(More)
A smart grid test bed with 6.6kV experimental distribution network which includes mega-photovoltaic generation systems, rechargeable batteries and so on has been conducted. In order to demonstrate the system performance of smart grid with this test bed, a new simulation platform has been developed. The simulation platform consists of BTB (Back-To-Back),(More)
The access-type PLC network system is designed to form an access network by using already-existing MV and LV power lines, and provides end-users with Internet-access and VoIP services. The PLC access-type network system consists of MV (medium-voltage) nodes that are equipped with an interface with a backbone optical network, CPE (Customer Premises(More)
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