Masashi Fujimoto

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The chronological process of eye accommodation used when viewing objects was analysed to predict the size of viewed objects. Viewer’s visual evoked potentials (VEP), eye movements and pupil oscillations were measured while six sizes of Landolt circles were presented for 1s each. The significant features of the metrics were extracted to illustrate the(More)
Respiratory rehabilitation reduces breathlessness from patient with respiratory dysfunction. Chest expansion score, which represents the circumference magnitude of the thoracic cage, is used for a target when treating patients with respiratory disease. However, it is often difficult for patients to understand the changes in the respiratory status and be(More)
We introduce a physical media art installation in which the user interacts with virtual characters by turning pages of a physical book. The physical book is placed under a display that shows the characters, a virtual book, and the user's hands. The novelty of the system is in the tight synchronization between the physical book and virtual book and the(More)
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