Masaru Yoshihara

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PURPOSE The Jefferson classification has been used to localize cavernous sinus lesions. However, this classification occasionally showed dissociation between identified localization and clinical findings. We investigated the clinical applicability of the newly proposed Ishikawa classification based on serial topographic sections of human cavernous sinus and(More)
Following the success of the first VLBI Space Observatory Programme (VSOP), a satellite of a next space VLBI project, ASTRO-G/VSOP-2, is being designed. Very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) is a technique to achieve very high angular resolution imaging of celestial radio sources by combining the signals from widely separated radio telescopes. Space VLBI(More)
PURPOSE A young patient of ophthalmoplegic migraine with recurrent oculomotor nerve palsy is reported. CASE A 4-year-old girl came to our hospital complaining of recurrent left ptosis and double vision which completely resolved within a few days. She had a history of drowsiness after vomiting every two months. Left oculomotor nerve palsy with internal(More)