Masaru Sugiyama

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Objectives of the Study. Cleft lip and palate (CLP) is a prevalent congenital anomaly in the orofacial region. Autogenous iliac bone grafting has been frequently employed for the closure of bone defects at the jaw cleft site. Since the related surgical procedures are quite invasive for patients, it is of great importance to develop a new less invasive(More)
Concrescence of teeth is a condition showing a union of adjacent teeth by only cementum. In all the previously reported cases, the union has been observed between the roots of the affected teeth. Here, we describe the first case that showed a concrescence of the crown of an impacted tooth and the roots of the erupted tooth. In addition, we discuss how this(More)
BACKGROUND Oral human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is associated with oral cancer development. However, few epidemiologic investigations have focused on oral HPV prevalence in healthy individuals. The objective of this study was to provide updated information regarding oral HPV prevalence in patients without oral cancer worldwide. METHODS We(More)
In students' dissection practice, it is very difficult to teach students the structures and functions of the middle ear ossicles. The middle ear ossicles are too small to explain their structures and functions. Models are useful in explaining these points, but there have been no models that accurately explain the movements of the middle ear ossicles and the(More)
Stationary heat conduction in a one-dimensional hard point gas is studied numerically with molecular dynamics simulations and theoretically on the basis of extended thermodynamics. Temperature profile with jumps at the boundaries is analyzed consistently. Heat conductivity seems to converge as the system size tends to infinity.
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