Masaru Sakusabe

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Obturator hernia presenting in elderly women accompanies a high rate of bowel resection because of strangulation. Open laparotomy is usually indicated in general anesthesia. However, minimal invasive approaches would be advantageous unless resection is necessary. We aimed to determine clinical and radiological criteria for the selection of(More)
Duodenal adenoma with massive mucus production is very rare. We report such a case. Ultrasonography (US) showed the presence of massive mucus, and contrast- enhanced US revealed the thickened wall to be homogeneously enhanced, suggesting that the lesion was composed of the same pathology. The US results were confirmed histologically by endoscopically guided(More)
p value and Hazard ratio of the DNA ploidy patterns were 0.001 and 2.099, respectively. Consequently, it was a valuable independent prognostic factor that could be used in addition to lymph node metastasis and depth of invasion. For the most advanced subclass of stage III gastric cancer the 5-year survival rate of patients with a diploid tumor was(More)
We reported a case of effective weekly paclitaxel administration for gastric cancer recurrence with carcinomatous pericarditis. A 69-year-old man underwent distal gastrectomy for gastric cancer in December 2001. However, he was re-admitted to the hospital for dyspnea in November 2002. A diagnosis of cardiac tamponade caused by gastric cancer relapse was(More)
A 62-year-old man reported to our hospital with serious complaints of abdominal pain, vomiting, and weight loss. An endoscopic examination detected a type 2 tumor of the descending limb of the duodenum. With a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma based on the biopsy finding, the patient was subjected to surgery. Laparotomy revealed the presence of a duodenal tumor(More)
There is a marked paucity of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (US) findings of gallbladder disease in the literature, and there is only one previous case of gallbladder adenoma. We report such a case. US showed a 2-cm polypoid lesion at the gallbladder body. Color Doppler US showed the hypervascular nature of the lesion, and contrast-enhanced US revealed the(More)
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