Masaru Nakahara

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In General, the dispersed power supply system is possible to be robust and small compare with centralized power system. In the satellite system, we aim to downsize the power supply system by using the dispersed power system and cooperative control, which is constructed by solar panel and some bi-directional DC-DC converters. In this paper, we describe the(More)
Recently we focus on the contribution to the activities of IAPWS for the development of such the documents as TGD guidance, guidelines, releases etc. Also our efforts are directed to the effective distribution and bilingual availability of the internationally standardized references among our colleagues. Some fundamental research activities on water and(More)
In a smart energy system, power converters should be controlled by complex control software. However the efficient development of reliable control software is difficult. We have proposed to introduce a “model-based design” process using MATLAB/Simulink, established in the automotive and aerospace fields, to the development of power electronics(More)
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