Masaru Miyamoto

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The authors have proposed an architecture for a compact image-capturing system called TOMBO (thin observation module by bound optics), which uses compound-eye imaging for a compact hardware configuration [Appl. Opt. 40, 1806 (2001)]. The captured compound image is decomposed into a set of unit images, then the pixels in the unit images are processed with(More)
Color-imaging methods with an integrated compound imaging system called TOMBO (Thin observation module by bound optics) are presented. The TOMBO is a compact optoelectronic imaging system for image capturing based on compound-eye imaging and post digital processing. First, a general description of the TOMBO system is given, and then two configurations for(More)
A delta-sigma modulator for a 1-bit digital switching amplifier is presented. To achieve high SNR and a large input range, a 7/sup th/ order single-loop single-bit modulator using a feedback comparator was designed. The chip was implemented in a 0.35 /spl mu/m CMOS process with optional 5 V transistors. The measured SNR is 111 dB and the distortion (THD+N)(More)
To obtain high bit density on a phase change optical disc, it is essential to understand what are the dominant physical effects to record marks on PC media. Computer simulation is one of the most convenient methods to consider an appropriate physical model of such a mark forming process. The authors have studied computer simulation of phase change mark(More)
A rewritable digital versatile disk (DVD-RAM) has eight times more capacity than a CD-ROM disk, which makes it promising for use as a computer file memory device. Media compatibility is realized because a DVD-RAM uses the same write/read wavelength as the DVD-ROM, the same substrate thickness (the DVD-ROM disk uses a thin 0.6 mm-thick substrate so it can(More)
A new ΔΣ ADC architecture using a triple sampling technique and a two-step summation scheme is presented. A 4th-order switched-capacitor ΔΣ ADC with a 4-bit quantizer is designed for a low-power direct-conversion digital TV receiver SoC. It achieves a 77.3-dB SNDR over a 4-MHz bandwidth with a 100-MHz clock frequency. The(More)
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