Masaru Miyamoto

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Several non-invasive two-dimensional techniques with different lateral resolution and measurable depth range have proved to be useful in assessing and quantifying morphological changes in skin ageing. Among these, only in vivo microscopy techniques permit histometric measurements in vivo. Qualitative and quantitative assessment of chronological (intrinsic)(More)
The authors previously reported on the strengthening effect of a thin Ni-Cr plate on an acrylic resin test specimen in the three-point bending test. This study evaluated the reinforcement of acrylic resin denture bases by measuring the strain distribution in the palate of a maxillary complete denture. It was found that this reinforcing technique led to a(More)
One of the most challenging problems in clinical dermatology is the early detection of melanoma. Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) is an added tool to dermoscopy improving considerably diagnostic accuracy. However, diagnosis strongly depends on the experience of physicians. High-definition optical coherence tomography (HD-OCT) appears to offer(More)
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