Masaru Kurebe

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Adriamycin (ADM), an anthracycline anticancer agent, is selectively stored in the nuclei of a variety of proliferating cells, but the precise mechanism of specific nuclear transport of ADM is not well known. Recently, we demonstrated that ADM shows high binding affinity to the cytoplasmic proteasomes of L1210 mouse leukemia cells and that taken up ADM by(More)
Purpose: This study was performed to clarify the intracellular specificity of the differential cytotoxic effects of Adriamycin (ADM) on neoplastic and normal cells. Methods: The mouse lymphocytic leukemia cell line L1210 and pig kidney proximal tubular epithelial cell line LLC-PK1 were used as neoplastic and normal cells, respectively. These cells were(More)
 Fluoride, which is an environmental toxicant, is a potent inducer of mottled enamel in humans and rats. To define the influence of fluoride on the secretory pathway in enamel fluorosis, mottled enamel was induced in the incisor tooth germs of rats by subcutaneous injections of sodium fluoride for 4 days, and then morphological and cytochemical changes of(More)
Peripheral innervation patterns of proprioceptive afferents from dorsal root ganglia and the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus were assessed in trkC-deficient mice using immunohistochemistry for protein gene product 9.5 and parvalbumin. In trkC knockout mice, spinal proprioceptive afferents were completely absent in the limb skeletal muscles, M. biceps(More)
We reported previously that treatment of the pig kidney proximal tubular epithelial cell line LLC-PK(1) with cephaloridine (CLD) decreased the activity of cytochrome c oxidase in the mitochondria of the cells followed by increases in lipid peroxidation and cell necrosis. In this study, we investigated the effects of CLD on the activity of cytochrome c(More)
Cisplatin caused toxic effects in adult male rats, such as renal disturbance, decrease of platelet and WBC, increase of RBC, elevation of GPT and GOT activity, decrease of plasma protein and albumin, loss of body weight gain and lethal effect when treated intravenously with 1 mg/kg/day of cisplatin for 12 days. Fosfomycin (FOM) exerted preventive effects on(More)
 Influence of fluoride on exocrine pancreas cells was examined morphologically with traditional and prolonged osmium fixation techniques for electron microscopy in the enamel fluorosis model rats injected subcutaneously twice a day with 20 mg/kg body weight of sodium fluoride. Although the rough endoplasmic reticulum (rER) of exocrine pancreas cells in(More)
In enamel fluorosis model rats treated with sodium fluoride, secretory ameloblasts of incisor tooth germs exhibited disruption of intracellular trafficking. We examined whether heterotrimeric G proteins participated in the disruption of vesicular trafficking of the secretory ameloblast exposed to fluoride, using immunoblotting and pertussis toxin(More)
4'-O-tetrahydropyranyladriamycin (THP) showed an approximately 10-fold greater inhibitory effect on DNA synthesis in L1210 mouse leukemia cells than adriamycin (ADM). The intracellular transfer rate and nuclear accumulation of THP were approximately 5-fold higher than those of ADM. The intensity of in vitro inhibition of topoisomerase II activity by ADM was(More)
To clarify the mechanism of cephalosporin nephrotoxicity, the effects of cephaloridine (CLD), a nephrotoxic cephalosporin antibiotic, on the mitochondria of the pig kidney proximal tubular epithelial cell line LLC-PK(1) were studied in culture. The activity of cytochrome c oxidase in the mitochondria of LLC-PK(1) cells was significantly decreased from 9 h(More)