Masaru Kadoshima

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A 32-bit CPU which operates with the lowest energy of 13.4 pJ/cycle at 0.35V and 14MHz, operates at 0.22V to 1.2V and with 0.14μA sleep current is demonstrated. The low power performance is attained by Reverse-Body-Bias-Assisted 65nm SOTB CMOS (Silicon On Thin Buried oxide) technology. The CPU can operate more than 100 years with 610mAH Li battery.
1. Introduction HfAlON has been expected as a candidate of the gate insulators for low power and low stand-by power CMOS. An incorporation of an Al 2 O 3 layer into HfO 2 offers advantages of increasing the band-offset [1] and the higher crystallization temperature, while it gives rise to V TH (V FB) shift [2] and deteriorates the mobility [3]. In addition,(More)
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