Masaru Iwasaki

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1 The Mary-Yoshio Translational Hexagon (Myth), Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Chennai, India 2 Hope Foundation (Trust), B6, 13, Zakariah colony III St., Choolaimedu, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. 3 Frontier Lifeline Hospitals, R-30-C Ambattur Industrial Estate Road, Mogappair, Chennai , Tamilnadu, India 4 Vision Research Foundation, Sankara(More)
Dyslipidemia is a major risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases and statins are the common drugs used to correct dyslipidemia. Herein, we report a case where the subject was a nondiabetic, dyslipidemia patient on medication with Rosuvastatin. After the intake of Rosuvastatin, his triglycerides decreased to a minimum of 220 mg/dL. In order(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared eradication of the dreadful disease "smallpox" in 1980. Though the disease has died down, the causative virus "variola" has not, as it has been well preserved in two high security laboratories-one in USA and another in Russia. The debate on whether the remaining stocks of the smallpox virus should be destroyed or(More)
Among the various strategies providing a cure for illness, cell-based therapies have caught the attention of the world with the advent of the "stem cell" era. Our inherent understanding indicates that stem cells have been in existence since the birth of multicellular organisms. However, the formal discovery of stem cells in the last century, followed by(More)
Proceedings of Annual Symposium & Plenary Session on Regenerative Medicine (PASRM); Published online 15 Nov 2013 The cancer stem cells (CSCs) capable of continuous proliferation and self-renewal are considered to play significant roles in oncogenesis, tumor growth, metastasis and cancer recurrence. CSCs should be derived from normal stem cells affected by(More)
The name of gastritis was introduced by Broussais in 1808. He considered it as the seat of febrile diseases such as typhoid fever. However, what he had seen was soon proved to be a postmortem change and the name of gastritis was discarded for some time. Nevertheless the presence of inflammatory change of the gastric mucosa was gradually recognized with the(More)
According to the ministry of Health, Labour and welfare of Japan, Cancer has been the leading cause of death in Japan since 1981. ([1]) As per the data in 2010, in Japan, one in every three deaths was due to cancer. ([2]) The Japanese Government has introduced so far, three terms of 10 years strategies for Cancer control since 1984 till date. The budget(More)
INTRODUCTION In spite of extensive research, the progress toward a cure in spinal cord injury (SCI) is still elusive, which holds good for the cell- and stem cell-based therapies. We have critically analyzed seven known gray areas in SCI, indicating the specific arenas for research to improvise the outcome of cell-based therapies in SCI. AREAS COVERED The(More)