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Expansion of the progenitor pool of oligodendrocytes (OLs) is a critical process for obtaining appropriate amounts of mature myelin-forming OLs in the developing and regenerating central nervous system. In vitro, fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF2), together with platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), is required to expand oligodendrocyte progenitor cells(More)
To evaluate the relationship between blood pressure control and the progression of brain atrophy in the elderly, patients with essential hypertension and brain atrophy were longitudinally evaluated using computerized tomography (CT). The study evaluated 48 patients with essential hypertension aged 46-78 years, and 30 sex- and age-matched normotensive(More)
Synechocystis sp strain PCC 6803 contains one gene encoding a putative large conductance mechanosensitive channel homolog [named SyMscL (slr0875)]. However, it is unclear whether SyMscL contributes to the adaptation to hypoosmotic stress in Synechocystis. Here we report the in vivo characteristics of SyMscL. SyMscL was mainly expressed in the plasma(More)
OBJECTIVE Influence of low-level (810 nm, Ga-Al-As semiconductor) laser on bone and cartilage during joint immobilization was examined with rats' knee model. MATERIALS AND METHODS The hind limbs of 42 young Wistar rats were operated on in order to immobilize the knee joint. One week after operation they were assigned to three groups; irradiance 3.9 W/cm2,(More)
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