Masaomi Kikuchi

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RX, a homeodomain-containing protein essential for proper eye development (Mathers, P. H. Grinberg, A., Mahon, K. A., and Jamrich, M. (1997) Nature 387, 603-607), binds to the photoreceptor conserved element-1 (PCE-1/Ret 1) in the photoreceptor cell-specific arrestin promoter and stimulates gene expression. RX is found in many retinal cell types including(More)
BACKGROUND To elucidate relations of invasion of ulcerative colitis (UC)-associated carcinoma with its prognosis, the characteristics of invasive fronts were analyzed in comparison with sporadic colonic carcinomas. METHODS Prognoses of 15 cases of UC-associated colonic carcinoma were compared with those of sporadic colon carcinoma cases, after which 75(More)
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