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ACE type 2 (ACE2) functions as a negative regulator of the renin-angiotensin system by cleaving angiotensin II (AII) into angiotensin 1-7 (A1-7). This study assessed the role of endogenous ACE2 in maintaining insulin sensitivity. Twelve-week-old male ACE2 knockout (ACE2KO) mice had normal insulin sensitivities when fed a standard diet. AII infusion or a(More)
The conventional forelimb grip strength test is a widely used method to assess skeletal muscle function in rodents; in this study, we modified this method to improve its variability and consistency. The modified test had lower variability among trials and days than the conventional test in young C57BL6 mice, especially by improving the variabilities in(More)
W e thank Dr. Chhabra and Dr. Lazartigues for their thoughtful comments on the role of ACE type 2 (ACE2) in glycemic control (1). In db/db mice or in C57Bl/6J mice infused with angiotensin II, their group has shown that ACE2 can help protect against hyperglycemia by promoting pancreatic insulin secretion (2,3). We found that deficiency of ACE2 causes(More)
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