Masao Takatoo

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In this paper, we show anew image sensor for measuring traffic flow. The image sensor is set at an intersection. The image sensor measures trafic flow by vehicle tracking. The tracking is done by gray level pattern matching. Gray level pattern matching is suitable for outdoor use since it is robust against change of scene brightness. Then we provide the(More)
This paper describes a method of selecting optimal inputs of neural networks without lowering recognition rate. In general, neural networks learn a recognition algorithm from inputs and their desired outputs. But if some inputs are redundant, namely they are expressed by other inputs fed to the networks or they do not contribute to recognition, their effect(More)
This paper describes the architecture of a high performance, compact image processing system. The system feature is that an image processor is constructed by employing eight kinds of high speed VLSIs, including real-time video image processing LSI(1SP-11). These VLSIs are developed while realizing both compactness and easy system extensions. The ISP-I1 is a(More)
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