Masao Sugiyama

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To establish an early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), we evaluated brain spatial dynamics and cognitive function in mild AD. Seventeen patients with the diagnosis of mild AD and 17 age-matched controls were examined for Omega (global complexity), Sigma (total power) and Phi (generalized frequency) by 19-channel electroencephalography (EEG). As a(More)
Cyclamen persicum (cyclamen) is a commercially valuable, winter-blooming perennial plant. We cloned two cyclamen orthologues of AGAMOUS (AG), CpAG1 and CpAG2, which are mainly expressed in the stamen and carpel, respectively. Cyclamen flowers have 5 petals, but expression of a chimeric repressor of CpAG1 (CpAG1-SRDX) caused stamens to convert into petals,(More)
— In this study, we developed a virtual cycling system (VR Bike) using a magnetorheological fluid brake (MRB). This system consists of a bike, the MRB, a 3-D projector, a screen, a controller and a sound device. Users can drive the bike in virtual worlds with vision, sound, and reaction force on its pedal. We have developed a cylindrical MRB in the previous(More)
Member of the Faculty Date iii ABSTRACT In recent years, there has been a debate in the public schools over the different approaches to how mathematics is taught in public schools. In the past, the schools believed that teaching mathematics the traditional way with direct instruction and route memorization of facts and procedures. In recent years, there has(More)
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